четвъртък, 3 септември 2009 г.


what i am. what it is. what they are.

and then it's time to move on. just like in the past. just like after the betrayal. otherwise you'll forever stay in your sad machines, waiting for someone to take you out of the bottomless pit.

thank you, my past that is not just past, but something much more complex. somethings never change, others do. thanks for appearing today and brightening my day. sometimes we don't have any idea how we affect or change other humans' lives, but when we do realize it, it's much more mysterial than we believe, and yet so plain and simple. i wrote that yesterday, but didn't believe it. today - i do. i am amazed, but smiling...

it's time to move on, it's time to get gone...

P.S. several bands and a movie are cited above - a big thank you goes to all of them too.

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