петък, 26 юни 2009 г.

Friday (yeah, i know) musings

There's a One straw revolution going on somewhere. Whoever wants to read more - here's the book: http://www.soilandhealth.org/copyform.aspx?bookcode=010140.fukuoka. Don't be fooled by the look, get to know it first.

I feel as if i'm going in an unwanted direction again - growing up, instead of getting closer to the kid's way of seeing the world. That is especially unproductive when trying to solve some children book issues. Ha.

Still the exhilaration carries on - sometimes bringing results, sometimes at least keeping me at peace with myself, which is by far better than the former negative state of discontent and uncontrolled frustration.

Apparently being alone is the time you need to spend alone and not at all a kind of punishment. Obviously the time spent with other people should be regarded the same way. The latter being the harder thing for me recently. Though being alone, in my head usually is equal to "self-destruction" and "everything is fair game". Crazy human beings - refusing to see things, but insisting on explaining and labeling them...

I don't know anything, i don't know who i am. Mad season. Fukuoka. How many more reminders do i need to receive?!?

What i want is here, it is unfolding in front of me constantly and all i need to do is interact with it and enjoy it. Everything else is described in the Ecclesiastes.

Is Doug Wilson really going to trade Clowe or am i blinded by the polish & the PR and not seeing the real picture?

The notes are kind to me these days, the words are scared of me. It's summer - maybe that explains a lot, if not all...

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